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With one click, the Shortform browser extension instantly generates a high-quality summary, giving you the key ideas, fast.

Use it on anything and everything - YouTube videos, news articles, that long email from your boss.


Understand everything 10x faster

The Shortform extension works on pretty much anything on the internet. 

Get the key ideas in a fraction of the time.

News articles and blog posts

YouTube videos


and much more...

Book bestsellers

Research papers

Google Docs and Word Docs

Amazon product reviews

Social media posts and discussions


Why people love the Shortform extension 

"Works best for me"

"The BEST summaries"

"Part of my daily routine"

Amazing extension! So far it has worked superbly for me and it's amazingly handy. I can get through my reading list way faster than I did before. Thanks for a job well done!

This tool is a game changer. The fact that I can get a summary of an entire YouTube video (and a great one at that) is super impressive. Kudos to the team.

This is AMAZING! Been tinkering with AI tools and this is by far the best one, the most convenient, with the best results.

Hugo Boutet

CEO, Zyneth Coaching

John McPhee

Director, Nike

Adrian Hood Sr., PhD

Engineer, US Army

More than just a summary

Here's what sets us apart from the rest.

World-class quality

Brilliant new insights

Active learning

We take confusing ideas and explain them in plain and simple ways, as concisely as possible.

We add smart context and counter-arguments, helping you learn ideas better than the original source.

Links to learn more from great resources engage you to learn the ideas deeper and better.

"I have so many books, so many articles I want to read. There's just not enough time to get through them all. Shortform is a great solution to that."

—Keshav Bhatt
Executive Leadership Coach


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Is this free or does it cost money?

The basic starter tier is free. You have limits on how many summaries you can read and generate per day.

The paid premium tier lets you read infinite summaries and generate hundreds of summaries per month. It costs $24/month of $197/year, and it's bundled with our high-quality book summaries that Shortform is known for.

Do you support browsers other than Chrome?

We're working on it! We'll support Safari, Firefox, and Edge soon.

How do you handle summaries of private sources like emails or documents?

Generated summaries for private domains like Gmail and Google Docs are not shared with anyone else, so only your account has access to those summaries.

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